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All In Game combines the science of game-based learning with strategy implementation to deliver impressive business outcomes. 4/20/17

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Get All In, so your teams can:

  • Learn how to plan together
  • Walk away with top priority plans
  • Decide how to execute together
“Inclusive!” “Engaging!” “Effective!” “Fun!”
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The All In Game turns strategy into action!  In 3+ hours! In groups of 4-8 learners per game.

Game Uses: Strategic planning. Team building. Culture change. Product launches. On-boarding. Project kick-offs. Goal setting. Leader effectiveness. Startups. . .

Game Includes: 1 board, 9 participant maps (1 FREE map for Sponsor), 8 game pieces, rules, set up and debrief instructions. Plus FREE Sponsor’s Toolkit (emailed after checkout) with everything you need to succeed.

We ship USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express within 2 business days of order confirmation.

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Dimensions 12.5 × 15.625 × 3.125 in



4 hours

24 reviews for All In Game

  1. Julie F

    The game provided an opportunity to establish priorities & flesh out a success plan for a priority objective. Great team building & learning experience!

  2. Theresa

    A fun way to focus on plans, goals and objectives. Great team building exercise to bring the group together.

  3. Rayleen V

    It made learning fun. We focused on what we want to work on and how we each contribute. And, we learned about others on our team.

  4. Janice

    Stay focused. Keep on track. Fun team building.

  5. Neil K

    It helped create communication and engagement between the team. It helped provide structure to being able to create a plan from beginning to end and what motivates us all to do our job the best way we can. The game really helped to create great dialogue and provoke great thoughts as the team conversed.

  6. Ashley E

    It has helped clarify goals and everyone’s work ethic. It also helped build team morale and align goals and personalities. Really enjoyed the game design and interactive experience it created for every player.

  7. Laverne G

    This was a great way to learn and keep up with our goals and objectives. It was fun and educational.

  8. Michael

    The game revealed that we all have common goals. It is easier to plan and accomplish a task when everyone shares common goals. The game forced me to take note of what is most important to me with regard to work goals. Knowing what is really important to me makes it easier to move forward in a way that will allow me to accomplish my goal.

  9. Lori

    Worked as a team and supported each other. The desire was to keep the team together and supported all to maintain the same pace. This was a great team building exercise. I learned to appreciate my teammates.

  10. Jonathon B

    It created a fun, safe and innovative environment to brainstorm, collaborate and achieve results. This game made me feel closer to my team.

  11. Michael

    This is a great product!

  12. Stacie C

    It helped to know I must work as a team to succeed and accomplish strategic goals. It takes a plan to keep you on track to accomplish work objectives. It was fun & interactive, brought our team together to share ideas. We had to work as a team to get to the end. Promoted sharing our thoughts and ideas.

  13. Lisa P

    Here’s the note I sent to my team to prepare for the All In Game. Team: Today we are going to try something a little different. Successfully implementing our 2nd half strategy and goals should be fun! This morning we are going to play the All In Game that aligns each of us for collective success. We will not only learn in a fun and challenging environment, by the end of game you’ll have a personalized plan and top priority that you can get started with right away. I have attached the two slides providing a refresh of our mission and strategy and goals. To be performance leaders, it takes all of us – all in – to win. I’m excited to work and learn together.

  14. Victoria C

    It helped me see things from my teammates’ perspectives. I also found that though we may have our differences, we all want to accomplish the same things at heart. I know I have new resources to reach out to in planning and accomplishing work goals.

  15. Derek

    Got to know more about the thoughts and motivations of team members and issues within the larger group. Forced me to think about what the objectives for my team and company are, and think about solutions to problems.

  16. Rahul V

    People’s personalities came out during the game. I will better be able to communicate with others. A way to make work alliances more profitable.

  17. Greg T

    It helped us all learn a little about each other both personally and professionally. Helped me recognize my objectives to transition my development with a new company. It was a great team building activity for me as a very new team member.

  18. Sue T

    Pointed out how little I really focus on the plan and objectives – the focus is just get the work done. More time needed on planning. Our group tends to work in silos, while the game started at the top with a common goal so we all worked down to our individual goals.

  19. Mike D

    It helped to build stronger, cohesive working relationships outside of the context of specific work – while still focused on high-level goals and rewards.

  20. Erik B

    I have a much better understanding of everyone’s goals (process improvement, learning, cross training) and how people would like to be recognized for their success. It feels good knowing we all have similar goals. This makes me more confident in executing improvements because I know I already have group buy-in.

  21. Laurie G

    No matter what our positions are in the company, we all have similar concerns and face similar issues. We all have the same end goal with different objectives for that goal. We have to support each other in our efforts.

  22. Bob D

    Better understanding of motivations and objectives of others.

  23. Kelli A

    Really fun exercise. Good to think outside the box and outside your comfort level. Better relationships – better communication – better way to accomplish goals.

  24. Sarah S

    Overall a great experience and a good way to get to know your team. Makes you realize that a good plan is essential. Think about the rewards and not just the task at hand. You respond to the same quests differently and take different perspectives. Everyone interprets the quests slightly differently, so you learn from that. Very entertaining, easy to follow.

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